Dreckmonster (Dirtmonsters)


Dirtmonsters is a 2D animation shortfilm with 3D elements.
It is 9:15 min long and was released in 2007.
The story is about five Dirtmonsters that are working for the detergent industry, which
have to deal with getting replaced by a more efficient Dirtmaschine.

I was co-directing the film with Maike Ramke.
We developed the idea, created the storyboard and designed the characters
and involved later a big team to make this project come to life.
We had a producer, a screen writer, an editor, a sound engineer, a music composer,
a 3D artist and many helping hands and of course a really great voice cast for our characters.
For the main voice of Willi (narrating the story) for example
we were happy to get for the German version Helmut Krauss,
well known over decades as the neighbor in the TV show “Löwenzahn”
and for the english version we managed to get Donald Arthur († 2016), the
German voice of Kent Brockman (The Simpsons) and the Chef (South Park).
The music was played by the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg.

You can see the full crew list here.

Crew „Dreckmonster“

Voices: German/English

Willi: Helmut Krauss/Donald Arthur

Manager: Christine Kugler

Schubert Henning Bormann/Simon Newby

Rosa: Nina Machalz/Olivia Milz

Jacques: Andreas Kerbs/Christian Retzlaff

Fetti: Christian Retzlaff


Maike Ramke & Christian Retzlaff


Sophie Narr

2D Animation:

Maike Ramke, Christian Retzlaff

Verena Maul, Pauline Kortmann

Daniel Zinner, Jana Richter

3D Animation/Modelling/3D Effekts:

Daniel Büttner

3D Rendering:

Daniel Büttner, Sebastian Dinter

Bernd Wagner, Ramon Grendene

Robert Rauchfuß, Thomas Gehnke

2D Animation Assistenz:

Nadja Klews, Robert Kriegel

Chris Laski, Oliver Thie

2D Effekts:

Gunnar Ramlau, Arne Grugel

Klaus Trapp, Susanne Kälberer

Andreas Hanko, Neta Tuvia

Annette Giesa, Kai Münster

Brigitta Encke, Oliver Thie

Tim Kammenz

Ink and Paint/ Coloring:

Maike Ramke, Anette Giesa

Andreas Lux, Andreas Hanko

Neta Tuvia, Julia Gabriel, Jens Caspar

Foto Coloring:

Christian Retzlaff, Peggy Hoffmann

Thomas Wockenfuss, Klaus Trapp

Maike Ramke

Gunnar Ramlau, Kai-Uwe Ullrich


Thorsten Egkert


Daniel Büttner, Maike Ramke

Christian Retzlaff


Maja Stieghorst

Sounddesign and sound mix:

Ingo Baier

Sound assistenz:

Antje Volkmann

Daniel Griese

Foley artist:

Günter Röhn


Nicolas Nohn

Music mix:

Thomas Bachmann


Deutschen Filmorchester Babelsberg

Head of orchestra:

Professor Bernd Wefelmeyer

Tutor 1:

Professor Christina Schindler


Katharina Herrmann


Ursula Sass, Renate Rümmler

Dirtmonster, the short film
Character exploration (own work)
Character exploration (own work)
Character exploration (own work)
Illustration “Schubert the Fungus Breeder waters his newest
creation the foot fungus” (own work)
Illustration “The Dirtmonsters sign up with the drug industry"
(own work)
Illustration “Willi and his newest bacterias” (own work)