Game Art Brain GmbH

CEO/ Creative Director

In 2017 I founded Game Art Brain GmbH an art outsourcing studio based in Berlin. My goal was to spread my artistic vision and my desire for top quality across more projects then one company could handle. Over the years with gaining more clients and trust I was able to hire more and more employees.
Game Art Brain produces 2d and 3d game art and graphics in any style while I can still be booked as a consultant as part of Game Art Brain, to review art and pipelines.
My role at Game Art Brain besides leading the business is art directing every single asset and making sure the best possible quality goes out to the client. Since we are producing so many things I am showing only a small selection below, which I am especially proud of or where I invested a lot of art direction to get it on track.
To view more go to the official website:
15 fully animated 3d scenes for the game "Worldscapes" by peoplefun
5555 Dragon NFTs in high res
150 card illustrations for TCG Gods Unchained by Immutable since 2018
Many different IPs
Roughly 40 Saga Maps for Mahjong Story and Solitaire Story by Softgames