Zoo Zap

Senior Art Director

Zoo Zap is a free to play match 3 mobile puzzle game developed by Sundaytoz
and reskinned and published by Aeria Games in 2016.

I was leading a team of 5 artists and designers and set, together with the Creative Director, the Lead Artist and the Lead UI Artist, the style of the game.
I worked fully hands on and wrote styleguides and feedbacked and approved every single art asset in the game.
Additionaly, I wrote production plans for art and made sure the plans were followed and deadlines kept.
Game trailer
Key Art (art directed)
Feedback process on Key Art
Feedback process on Key Art
Examples main puzzle pieces
Final in-game maps
Example map to background
From sketch to background (own work)
Example of maps and matching backgrounds
(art directed)
Example of a turn around for animation purpose
(art directed)
Simplified version of the characters
for a web comic (own work)